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Fried Yam

Fried Yam

Fried Yam (Koliko)

  • yam (as much as you can eat)
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Salt to taste
  1. Peel and cut the yam tuber into 1 inch cylindrical discs. Make several cuts across the discs to get large chips. Wash the yam chips and place in a bowl.
  2. Add a little salt and toss the contents to distribute the salt. Set aside for 20 mins
  3. Fry the yam at 350F
  4. When the oil is heated, add a few yam chips, leaving enough room for flipping the chips.
  5. Stir the chips till they have turned golden.
  6. Remove the chips and place in the paper towels to absorb the oil.

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