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Homemade yogurt with solar energy

Homemade yogurt with solar energy

1/2 gallon milk — whole or 2% are best, but skim can also be used
Warm the milk to right below boiling, about 200°F. Stir the milk gently as it heats to make sure the bottom doesn’t scorch and the milk doesn’t boil over.

Cool the milk. Let the milk cool until it is just warm to the touch, 112°F to 115°F. Transfer the to storage containers
Add 1/2 cup commercial yogurt containing active cultures and 1 cup of powder milk
Then whisking gently

Take advantage of the heat during the hot summer months by culturing outside. Simply set your yogurt jars in a closed cooler and then set it in the sun.

After the set time, take the jars out of the yogurt maker, close them with their lids, and put the yogurt jars in the refrigerator for storage.

Serve with some sugar (or honey) and some fruits

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