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Yam Balls Fritters

Yam Balls Fritters (Yele Kakro = Ojojo)

1/2 medium water yam

1/2 cup crayfish

2  habanero pepper

1/2 onion

1/2 teaspoon ginger


oil for frying

Peel yam by removing the skin with a knife; then drop the white part into cold water.

Wash and grate each the yam with the smaller side of a grater. 

Grate ginger and pepper on the small side. Grate the onion on the biggest side. 

Add the crayfish, salt and whisk. 

Heat oil to 350 degrees and drop little to medium sized dollops of the yam puree into the oil and fry.

Fry the yam balls until golden.

Serve warm

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